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  • 18Oct

    Landlords face tough new regime for tenant protection

    New legislation came into force on 1st October redefining what will constitute a house in multiple occupation, alignment on Section 21 regulations for older leases, and a reminder of the new requirements for energy performance introduced in April.

  • 18Oct

    Disinheritance – a quick guide to cutting someone out of your will

    If a family breakdown or disagreement means you want to cut someone out of your Will, what are your rights? Probate law specialist Blessing Ikemefuna looks at the complex and emotional issue of disinheritance.

  • 18Oct

    Brexit: Employment rights?

    Despite the reassurances of politicians, campaigners for workers’ rights are concerned that non-regression clauses won’t have the clout needed to protect employees. Employment law expert Caroline Adams looks at the latest Brexit twist.

  • 20Sep

    What happens when a parent wants to move away and take the children with them?

    If your ex is taking the kids abroad to live, what are your rights? Can you stop them from going? Michael Dear looks at the complex issues when families move to different countries.

  • 20Sep

    A quick guide for first time buyers

    If you’re putting your first foot on the property ladder, what do you need to know about conveyancing? Aisha Mohammed takes you through the process in this handy guide.