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  • 13Aug

    Grant Saw Shortlisted for the British Wills & Probate Awards 2019

    The Wills and Probate Department at Grant Saw, delighted to be shortlisted again for the British Wills and Probate Awards.  The department is headed up by Partner, Kalpa Prajapati and includes lawyers: Laura Bailey, William Meakin, Rose Walker, Blessing Ikemefuna and Sarah Conner. This year we ...

  • 31Jul

    Childcare during the holidays: Bring your kid to work day?

    Employment law specialist Joanne Mash looks at how we can change our working environment to include workplace childcare facilities for busy parents during the holidays.

  • 31Jul

    Giving to charity

    Probate law solicitor Blessing Ikemefuna looks at charitable donations and how to include them in your will.

  • 31Jul

    When can you let your kids fend for themselves?

    Should you leave your kids on their own while you go and get the weekly groceries? Family law solicitor Mandeep Clair explains when care agencies advise that kids are capable of looking after themselves.

  • 29Jul

    Reform set to cut complexity of inheritance tax

    The second report covering the review of inheritance tax by the Office of Tax Simplification has been released. The review was conducted in response to the request from the Chancellor of the Exchequer in January 2018 and includes a number of recommendations for simplification of this tax for consideration by the government.