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Joanne worked as an employment paralegal at an international law firm, before training in the City. She joined the Employment Department at Grant Saw in October 2017 and qualified as a solicitor in November 2017.

Joanne has a wealth of expertise in contentious and litigated matters having worked on a vast portfolio of Employment Tribunal claims. Joanne regularly negotiates settlement agreements on behalf of employers and employees and can advise on all areas of employment law including: unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination, harassment, maternity rights, equal pay, whistle blowing, TUPE, breach of contract, and restrictive covenants. Joanne frequently drafts employment contracts (for both junior and senior employers) and company policies.

Outside of work Joanne enjoys to travel and explore new places; the most memorable to date include: Machu Picchu in Peru, the Lost City in Columbia and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. She’s also a bit of a thrill seeker in her spare time, having completed a 134m bungee jump, 15000ft skydive and an open water diving course. 


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Articles by Joanne Mash

  • 11 Jan

    Equality takes centre stage for employers

    For employers, the year ahead has many new requirements through legislation already announced, and areas currently out for consultation. Throughout, the emphasis is on developing an open and inclusive workplace and new requirements include executive and ethnicity
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    Self-employed or worker? The latest developments in the gig economy row

    Employment law solicitor, Joanne Mash, looks at the latest legal developments in the ‘Gig Economy’ and how it could affect workers’ rights.
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    When ‘Banter’ crosses over into abuse

    Employment law expert Joanne Mash looks at the intricacies surrounding the difference between workplace ‘banter’ and more harmful bullying.
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    Employment Law

    How could the re-nationalisation of private sector industry affect jobs?

    With the recent news that East Coast railway services have been re-nationalised, there has also been a resurgence of interest in the nationalisation of the

  • 02 May

    The fight against discrimination for gender-fluid and transgender workers

    The law makes it perfectly clear that discrimination based on gender is not only unacceptable, but illegal. But what happens if you’re gender-fluid, or are transgender? Since the 1990s there has been legislation in place to help protect those who are transgender,