Charity formation and assistance


Why (or when) someone would need this service?

During the present economic climate, organisations wishing to pursue charitable objectives may particularly wish to benefit from the tax advantages of doing so through a charitable trust or organisation.

How does the process work/what are the steps?

For charity formations we will advise on the process and preparation of documents, focusing on ensuring that the charitable objectives of the organisation and the means of achieving them are accurately set out in the documentation. We can assist with completion of the forms and evidence of income which will need to be supplied to the Charity Commission in order for registration to take place.

We can also provide ongoing assistance with the running of the charity, in particular, the sale and acquisition of property on behalf of a charity.

How long does it take?

Charity formation is usually approved by the Charity Commission within three to four weeks of making the application and assuming that the Charity Commission have no concerns over the information supplied.

Is it expensive? How do the costs work?

We will usually quote a fixed fee for assisting the charity with registration and submission of the application. We would ordinarily then charge on an hourly rate basis to deal with any queries raised by the Charity Commission prior to registration of the charity.

What are the things people should consider before calling?

Where possible we would like the full names, addresses and date of birth of three trustees and a very clear description of what work is likely to be required and how the trustees will demonstrate this will be beneficial to the public (and not just a limited section of people).

Why are Grant Saw the best people for the job?

We have many years experience in assisting in the formation and running of charities. We want to work with the trustees to achieve the desired outcome as quickly as possible. If the trustees wish, we can make the application on an urgent basis via the Charity Commission website.

Charity formation and assistance tips

The Charity Commission website has an excellent section on “Starting a Charity” which trustees may wish to consider in detail before deciding how best we may be able to assist them.

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Charity formation and assistance myth busting

What myths are there are around this area? 

That the form of charity constitution is not really important.  On the contrary, it is very important to ensure that the correct type of charity is formed and that the trustees comply with the provisions of their governing document. 

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