Premises licence


Why (or when) someone would need this service?

Clients wishing to sell alcohol or provide regulated entertainment need to make an application to the local authority for both a premises licence (regulating the premises) and a personal licence (ensuring that they are a fit and proper person).

Clients may also need legal assistance when the premises licence changes hands or when a new designated premises supervisor has to be substituted. Assistance may also be required if the licence is to be reviewed or suspended.

How does the process work/what are the steps?

New applicants need to fill out a number of forms and comply with requirements to pay fees and notify the Police. Issues relating to review or suspension of the licence are usually dealt with before the local licensing committee with appeals taking place in the Magistrates Court.

How long does it take?

An application for a premises licence will take several weeks to be heard by the local licensing committee. Other procedures vary depending upon the circumstances.

Is it expensive? How do the costs work?

We would ordinarily quote a fixed cost for submitting a new licensing application and charge on the basis of an hourly charging rate for any additional time spent after submission of the application, for example in attending at an evening licensing hearing or an appeal at the Magistrates Court if requested to do so.

What are the things people should consider before calling?

Individual licence holders will need to pass an approved course and be ready to undergo a CRB Check. Applicants for a new premises licence will need to nominate their Designated Premises Supervisor at the time of the application and have their personal licence details to hand.

Why are Grant Saw the best people for the job?

We have been dealing with licensing matters under the new procedure ever since the Licensing Act 2003 came into force.

Although dealing directly with premises licences and their associated applications is not a service we offer, we will assist and advise existing clients as part of an overall transaction on which we are instructed if required.

Premises licence tips

Be very clear about the entertainment you wish to offer and hours which you wish to operate and possibly discuss these in advance with the Licensing Officer of the local authority. Premises licence applications are made to the local authority where the premises are situated. Personal licence applications are made to the local authority where the applicant lives.

Premises licence myth busting

What myths are there are around this area?

That local authorities will tightly regulate such matters as hours and the type of entertainment allowed. Generally local authorities adopt a reasonable approach and allow applications which do not obviously breach the licensing objectives.

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